XXIO-7 Golf Driver

2013 Golf Driver Review:

XXIO-7 Driver

The next driver in the XXIO series is here, and it carries a hefty price tag ($699.99 retail). The price didn’t stop it from selling extremely well from the launch of the 7. In Japan, this XXIO golf club quickly made it’s way to the top-selling wood in the country, capturing a staggering 39% of the market and making it the best-selling XXIO driver to date.

One of the appeals of the XXIO-7 is the lighter (-2g) and slightly shorter (-.5″) MP700 shaft. This moves the center of gravity closer to the grip, giving golfers more control and creates greater swing speed. This is also supposed to help reduce off-center hits by bringing the golfer closer to the ball. Accordingly, the 7′s shaft is still more flexible than previous generations, even with the weight distribution towards the grip. Dunlop also claims to have increased the sweet spot by 7% by refining the titanium used for the face. Check out the videos and photo:

XXIO7 golf driver

Reader Reviews:

Thomas in Sun City, AZ

“It may be pricey, but it sure as hell is worth it. The Japs have done it again- the XXIO7 is somehow better than the older one.”

Gerald from Tampa, FL

“For those who can afford it, great. My PING G15 (shaved by World’s Hottest Drivers) hits just as far, and for a fraction of the cost.”