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TaylorMade Rocketballz Stage 2 Golf Driver Review

TaylorMade has released the next installment in the Rocketballz series, the RBZ Stage 2. Although it may share a similar paint job with the new R1 driver, the Stage 2 does not feature the same level of adjustability. Therefore, they are generally sold for less ($50-100 less.)


TaylorMade Rocketballz Stage 2 Golf Driver


TaylorMade’s goal was to improve upon the original Rocketballz and RBZ Tour editions from last year. The Stage 2 has a center of gravity that is lower and more “forward”; it is in between the centers of gravity of the original RBZ and Tour. TM also gave it a larger face area, which generally makes a golf driver more forgiving on mis-hits and widens the sweet spot. The 2013 Rocketballz 2 drivers and fairway woods feature the same “speed pocket” introduced with the original editions from last year, as shown in the picture below:


taylormade rbz 2 golf driver


The Tour version has an even lower center of gravity than the normal version. This is less forgiving, but rewards accurate high-swing-speed golfers with lower trajectory and better ball roll. Although the RBZ 2 is not as adjustable as TM’s new flagship driver, the R1, it still features a hosel design with 1.5 degrees of range in loft.

Rocketballz Stage 2 Fairway Woods Review

According to TaylorMade, the new RBZ 2 Fairway Woods (normal and Tour) hit a full 10 yards longer than the original RBZ woods. Once again this is due to the lower CG (center of gravity), though TM also claims to have used a different metal composition for the face they call “Rocketsteel”. This new material is 38% stronger than the original RBZ/Tour model fairway woods. The stronger alloy allows for  a .25mm thinner face in most areas. Early TaylorMade Rocketballz Stage 2 Fairway Woods reviews have been very favorable.



Check out the video review and reader reviews below:



Reader Reviews:

“Cheaper than the R1 but not as adjustable. If you already know exactly what loft/face angle you like, go with the RBZ 2. If you love experimenting with fine-tuning your trajectory, the R1 is for you.”

-Robert in Scottsdale, AZ

“It truly is amazing what the Stage 2 fairway woods can do. They help me shave 4-5 points off my score every round. My friends aren’t letting me handicap anymore lol.”

-Brent in San Diego

“I generally don’t jump on bandwagons, but TaylorMade is really putting out some quality products these last several years. They always find a way to improve from the previous year’s models as well. Truly incredible golf drivers.”

-Sam via email

One Driver to Rule Them All

When TaylorMade released it’s most recent driver, the R1, it boasted the ability to satisfy both amateurs and Tour Pro’s alike. And, they just may have a good stake to that claim. The 2013 R1 features the most adjustability of any driver to date.

2013 TaylorMade R1 Golf Driver Review


According to TaylorMade’s research department, nearly 80% of amateur golfers are using the wrong loft. Even more astonishing is that 35% of them are 2 degrees (or more) away from the loft they should be using. This is why the R1 has a 4 degree range of loft adjustabilty, from 8 to 12 degrees. This essentially erases the potential for using the wrong loft, as golfers can now adjust their driver a full 2 degrees up or down.

From reading many other 2013 TaylorMade R1 reviews, it is clear that the .5 degree loft increments and 12 loft degree possibilities are a huge hit with golfers. Its predecessor, the R11S, was only adjustable between 9, 10.5, and 12, thus allowing only a 1.5 degree increase or decrease. In addition, the R-1 features 7 different face angle options, as opposed to the 5 options available on the R11S. Golfers can now choose from: neutral/square, open, medium-open, maximum open, closed, medium-closed, and maximum closed.


taylormade r1 golf driver


So, what does all this mean for you? According to TaylorMade, the R1 has a lower, more “forward” center of gravity than most drivers (and thus a lower sweet spot). This means that it will be natural for golfers to underestimate their optimal degree of loft. Also, keep in mind that a 1 degree adjustment in loft will result in a 2 degree change in face angle. And don’t forget the two adjustable “weight ports” that allow you to further customize your swing by interchanging the 10g and 1g weights, giving you either a draw or neutral setting.



Reader Reviews:

“About time someone made a driver with this kind of adjustability! Even amateurs can find that perfect blend of loft, face angle, and swing weight with the R1. Thanks TaylorMade!”

-Brian S. from Arkansas

“I loved the R11S but this driver takes it a step or two further.”

-Gabriel in South California.

“5 out of 5 stars! TaylorMade is my favorite golf manufacturer, and the R11 driver proves why”


TaylorMade is set to release its new set of golf irons for 2013, the Rocketbladez (as if “Rocketballz” wasn’t a cool enough name, right?). Now, as we have mentioned elsewhere on this website, many drivers, irons, and hybrids that are released are merely the previous year’s model with a new name and/or paint job. However, it seems that TM really has something going with these irons.

2013 taylormade rocketblades irons

The technology that TaylorMade puts into the Rocketblades can be found in a hollow “speed pocket”, about 2mm wide, that runs across the inside sole of the iron. This allows the face to flex more upon impact, providing not only more distance, but more consistent distance, according to TM. This is also supposed to make the Rocketbladez Irons  give a higher trajectory, which in turn makes it easier to backspin the ball upon landing.

2013 taylormade rocketbladez

Part of TaylorMade’s research concluded that most amateurs mishit the ball low on the iron face (68% of the time, according to research), so they designed the 2013 Rocketbladez accordingly. This is a big part of the “speed pocket” technology- the further down the face you hit the ball, the more the face should flex. Pretty smart! Added distance comes from the 11% thinner face, which is TaylorMade’s thinnest iron face ever. The Rocketballz irons were 1.8mm thick, while the new Rocketblades are 1.6mm.

TaylorMade president Mark King announced a Tour version, to be released several months later. He mentioned that when the TM tour pros tried the new Rocketbladez, they were so impressed they wanted a set for themselves. The Tour Version will be more compact, and thus slightly less forgiving. Generally “tour” versions of drivers and irons are less forgiving, but have greater potential for distance.

When will the TaylorMade Rocketbladez be released? The regular version of the irons will be available on November 30, 2012. The tour version will be released February 1st, 2013.

How much will the TaylorMade Rocketbladez cost? The regular version of the irons will be $799 for a set with steel shafts, and $899 for graphite shafts. The tour irons version will be $799.

2013 Golf Driver Review

The TaylorMade R11 quickly became one of the most successful drivers in golf history, so TM decided to improve upon that design. The R11S doesn’t look too much different at first glance, but there are subtle changes and tweaks that make it slightly better than its predecessor.

Taylormade R11S golf driver review

Usually, when a golf company increases the head size on a driver, it creates more ball spin. Somehow, TaylorMade was able to get around that rule on the R11-S. The added size makes the driver more forgiving and easier on mis-hits, but the ball spin is the same or less than the original R11. When the S version came out, many golfers were skeptical that it was merely an R11 sold under a different name. After all, golf companies (and other sporting good companies) are known to do this from time to time. However, golfers from all around the globe are singing the R11S’s praises, heralding it as even better than the R11.

The TaylorMade R11S reviews we’ve read from other sites are very happy with the level of customization the club offers. There are 3 different aspects you can adjust, in order to fine-tune your drives. The first is the loft- it can be adjusted 1.5° up or down in 8 different positions. The second is the face angle- you can choose from 5 different settings, each adjusting the angle more open or closed by 3°. The last level of adjustability is the weighting distribution. Two different weights, one 10 grams and the other 1 gram, can be interchanged from the back to the front and vice-versa. This changes the center of gravity, which affects the trajectory of the ball during drives. Check out the video reviews below:


Reader Reviews

Gerald in Galveston, TX

“I was like you mentioned in this review- skeptical that the R11S would really be any different. For me, the differences were subtle but still noticeable enough to justify the purchase. You know how we golfers are- anything that gives us even the slightest improvement is worth it.”

Paul from Northern California

“In my opinion, TaylorMade is the best golf driver company in the world. They consistently produce great drivers, and somehow find ways to improve each one. That’s true engineering.”